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Favorite Shortwave programs--post times and freqs here


I recently got a SW receiver and I'll have to admit it's a little daunting to wade through so many bands to find a good program.

So does anyone have any suggestions for good programs that would be willing to post the frequency and time for the show.

Sort of a cheat sheet for SW listening.

Thanks in advance.

I think that this will probably help...


--- Quote from: firetoad on January 23, 2009, 03:27:56 PM ---I think that this will probably help...

--- End quote ---

Thanks. I had seen that but was looking for more specific information. Mainly specific shows that people listened to.

this link is great put day of week, time it is like tv guide for shortwave listening. i also like 5.070, 3.185, 3.215, 5.050, it has been sometime since i have turned mine on.

That's great! thanks.


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