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Air Raid Sirens

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The local fire department in my home town had one.  Every time there was a fire, The siren would go off.  Still an erie sound, and there's no ignoring it.

My home town in NW ohio used one to alert the volunteer firemen.  Growing up we could always hear it and we were 4 miles out of town.  I dont think it is used anymore.  My boy scout camp still uses one for emergency drills.  It is mounted on the dining hall.  It is deafening when you are in the dining hall when it is switched on.  Many times at night someone has been looking for a light switch and accidentally switched it on!!!  You can imagine the ribbing that person got the next morning!!!

We still use the sirens in my town (pop. 6,000) for tornado warnings and summoning the volunteer fire department.  Our oldest siren has an "Alert" button for tornado warnings and an "Attack" button for attacks, but the only time we ever use the attack button is for the monthly tests.  When they started replacing old sirens with new ones a few years back I noticed the "Attack" function has been removed from the control box and you only have the alert for severe weather.  I think the attack warning sirens have gone the way of fallout shelters and nuclear attack drills in schools (anyone old enough to remember those like I do?).  Besides the advent of new technology for warning people (TV, radio, email, text messages, etc), IMHO the liberal leaning folks have convinced everyone (or most people) that surviving any kind of nuclear attack is impossible anyway so why bother warning them.  And since the Soviets are no longer the cold war threat they were (uh huh, sure) the chances of an all out nuclear exchange are all but gone ... right?

Dirt Rider 3006:
They started doing this stuff at work last year, mainly after the Virginia Tech shootings. And yes I do work at Brown, but I work in a small machine shop that surrports the Chemistry Dept. and deal with mad scientist type professors, not the liberal moonbats from the political science and arts depts.

--- Quote ---PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Brown University will test its new Emergency Siren Warning System (ESWS) on Thursday Feb. 28, 2008, between noon and 1 p.m. Three sirens, located on top of University buildings on the main campus, will be activated to test the system for the first time. The test will include a loud alert tone coupled with voice messages. The ESWS is designed to alert students, faculty, visitors and the College Hill community of a potential life-threatening emergency.
--- End quote ---

We get these tests about every quater now. I love doing my duck & cover demo when these go off.... My boss literally tries to kiss his a$$ goodbye when the sirens blare.... We fit right in with the nutty professors....


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