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--- Quote from: jarhead1857 on May 20, 2009, 08:44:59 PM ---I think EDC is more defined to what you carry on your person everyday....

I mean, if not I could always start name individual parts of my car as EDC...

--- End quote ---

I would agree that EDC gear would be whatever you carry with you on a daily basis pretty much every time you leave the house.
So people carry bags with with them literally everywhere. I just recently started carrying a Maxpedition Fatboy with me daily. Gives
me the ability to carry a bit more than what my pockets can comfortably hold.

--- Quote from: jarhead1857 on May 20, 2009, 08:44:59 PM ---Also, carrying a bag that says national guards marks you right away. Most Coastal cities arent friendly to the military.

--- End quote ---

I would definitely recommend avoiding anything too tactical looking for EDC, GHB, or BOB. You want to be prepared without telegraphing
to the world that you are. Of course that's just my opinion.

I will take some pictures of EDC gear tomorrow.

-- Jeremy

I agree.. and I believe that not flagging yourself as a "risk management analyst"(ie survivalist) benefits you in this regard:

Most people work at offices.. so lets say I do too. I am an accountant working in my office and one day Bob the fellow accountant goes crazy and begins shooting and killing randomly in the workplace. Or more realistically, he is let off and goes into an outrage.. killing randomly. Having not flagged myself as a survivalist, he will not consider me a threat until I have incapacitated or killed him.

Having a "aesthetically" cool BOB or EDC works directly against the purpose of having one, IMHO. Proper risk management analysis dictates this.

Imho, a proper edc bag would be black and similar to laptop carrying bag. Green/Light brown is a dead give away.

I do agree that you should not have your complete ruck sack as an EDC but now-a-days camo, OD, Coyote ect are almost as popular as the bright colors and black options.  Well, maybe not quite, but in my area, you wouldn't stand out regardless of what your bag looks like.  As I sit here and type this, five people have past my home office, 2 of them had some sort of "tactical" gear on them.  From a camo pack back to army issue pants.  Neither of them stood out.

I am loving my versi bag/man purse.  It carries water, first aid, paracord, ect.  Not always toting it around at the mall, but it is always in the car/office with me.  The other items are my EDC items, on me every morning.

i have the jumbo versipack murse manbag etc and i have really adapted to it quickly. it can grow quite large if you need it to but i am really quite happy cinching the compartments down until i need them and it is quite manageable and as the days go on i am getting more questions/compliments on it than i am getting "look at his purse!" overall i am very pleased with it. I carry it more often then not but sometimes have to leave it nearby due to restrictive firearms legislation in my state, but if you chose to disregard these restrictions or are not subject to them then this bag is even better.

I don't have a EDC bag exactly.

Interestingly enough, after years of spending lots of time in the car during work hours over the years, I do have a fairly good kit near at hand.

The car always contains the following items:
first aid kit
mag light
bic lighter
chem light sticks
large wool blanket (ever had a car break down on a back road during the winter in MI?)
hiking boots and extra socks
some variety of beef jerky and power bars
box of .38spl
leatherman tool
spare cell batteries

On my person:
locking blade knife (size varies)
.38 and at least one extra speedloader (size varies - open carry is legal in NH)
zippo (even without fuel, you can start a fire with the flint/steel combo)
cell phone

I should probably consolidate all of the above into a carry bag (and can handle my laptop too) and a BOB for the car.



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