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Site design issue, no link from the forum to the "MAIN" page


You either have to do an URL edit to get to the main page of the Blog, or well......., find one of Jacks posts and click on his URL.

A simple "home home" back to button would suffice.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd love an easy to get back "home".  (Yeah, I spend too much time of the forum to consider any other place home)

(Unless, I toked a bit tooooooo hard and totally missed it up there).....

LOL I never even realized there was a homepage, I probably should pay more attention. Thanks for the link!

Here is the issue.

Modifying this forum will take a bit of outsourcing to a person that specializes in SMF software.  When I have made mods to it bad things have occurred!  My internal guy is finishing off the main sites new look now.  So I have been waiting to have that finished before I have all the work reskinning the forum to match the new site until that is done.

Ok for now check out the News Box in the upper right corner, that will have to do for a bit guys.


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