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I must be an idiot

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I know this has probly been discussed before but I can't find how to download old podcasts. I found the front page blog that lists some older ones that I can listen to on the puter but how do I get them to Itunes to download? Thanks!

John Q Public:
Hi Ebbtide....

Could you please clarify your question?

Do you need help finding all of the old shows or getting them into itunes?

Bottom left of the main TSP page (not the forum, but the main page) you see a calendar.  Under the calendar, you'll see both the previous month, and in come cases, the next month.  Click on the previous month, keep clicking until you get to no more previous months.
The days that are highlighted have podcasts, the other days don't.
Is that an idiotic enough answer for ya? 

(being an idiot, I take exception to your usage of idiot in the title ;) )

That's it Millerized, you just earned yourself a negative with that comment.  ;D
I actually did find the old podcasts so that's not the prob, I just can't figure out how to actually get them on itunes for me to download into my ipod. Sorry I wasn't more clear about my question.

John Q Public:

Its pretty easy actually.

The way that I do it:

I place the mp3 files into my "library" of audio files.

Open ITunes
Select File
Select Add Folder To Library
Browse for your "Library" file
Click OK

Itunes will load everything in that file at one time

Then Plug in your Ipod and select the files you want to load.

Easy as pie.

Now, here's the thing. It will not show under the podcast that are currently being downloaded. They will be treated like any other cd (album) you burn. So, if you catagorize it as Punk Rock. The files will show in the Punk Rock area.

Does that help?


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