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Title: Frontsight Firearms Training
Post by: remote on January 03, 2011, 06:02:55 PM
Front Sight is running a special offer to current members. Diamond members can purchase additional Diamond memberships for $250USD and then sell them at any price to anybody who is not currently a member. Current members can also upgrade to Diamond with this opportunity, but only by purchasing the membership from an existing Diamond member.
This is so cheap, it is ridiculous, but Frontsight wants to double again in 2011 after doubling their membership every year since they started.
If you attend only 1 course, the membership has more than paid for itself.
I originally paid $3000 for my Diamond membership. I'm going to buy a few more diamond memberships for my wife and kids, and some of my friends want some too.
Tonight at midnight, January 03, 2010 is the last day for this offer.
If you don't know a Frontsight Diamond member then contact me ASAP. ( (

Title: Re: Frontsight Firearms Training
Post by: ZenGunFighter on January 03, 2011, 06:25:36 PM
Isn't Frontsight still in recievership?
Title: Re: Frontsight Firearms Training
Post by: remote on January 03, 2011, 06:29:45 PM
Nope - they are still going strong and growing.
Those legal woes are behind them.

On May 11, 2009, due to Front Sight's legal counsel failing to appear to a hearing, Judge James Ware of the U.S. Discrict Court for Northern California ordered a temporary receiver be appointed to Front Sight. This case is related to the class action suit, brought by plaintiff's, regarding a multi-million dollar shortfall in the class action fund.[21] On May 18, 2009, Front Sight’s legal counsel appeared at a settlement hearing and Judge James Ware discharged the interim-receiver leaving Front Sight in control of all aspects of its business. The termination of the receivership was made after the court received a copy of the receiver's report and based upon evidence presented at the May 18 hearing. (

Isn't Frontsight still in recievership?
Title: Re: Frontsight Firearms Training
Post by: Morning Sunshine on October 19, 2015, 07:59:52 AM
We spent the weekend in Pahrump at a FS rifle course.  We bought a few diamond memberships a 3 years back, likely when they had one of their crazy deals as we bought 4 for $400 each.  Now I wish we had bought for the 3 younger children as well as the 2 older and ourselves.

Background - I cannot say I have never held a gun.  I have held an old Korean war rifle and a handgun, neither loaded.  I have shot an air gun two times, about 5 years apart.  But for all intents and purposes, I have never shot a gun.  Hubby has shot a few more times than me, most in the last 5 years, but again, very new to the whole experience.
It was our 15 year anniversary this month, and hubby put me in charge.  So I planned a leiserly trip to Pahrump, with a nice B&B on the way, and registered us for the FS practical rifle  We rented all the gear we would need, including AR-15s.  I will say, however, that I wish they had told us about Slip-On Sideshields instead of us trying to wear two pairs of glasses.  Finally found out at lunch the first day, and switched over.  Much better experience after that.
Also, weather - Las Vegas.  Expect hot and sunny right?  Hubby threw in our raincoats because they said to, but I was honestly prepared to ignore it the entire weekend.  No.  It started raining Thursday night, and was still pouring when we drove out of the LV area Sunday morning.  With the rain and the wind, it was pretty cold.  I was wearing a long sleeve waffle shirt over my t-shirt, not a jacket, but something kind of warm, and a 15-yo kid was next to me shivering.  I finally threw my waffle shirt at him, after he had refused it, and told him he was making me nuts (mom in me, I guess), and put on my rain coat instead.  It finally warmed up Saturday afternoon, so much that we got sunburns on our necks, but mostly it was a colder rather than warmer training.  And I am ok with that :)
I have to go pick up my son, but I will be back soon with further thoughts in a little bit
Title: Re: Frontsight Firearms Training
Post by: remote on October 19, 2015, 03:04:35 PM
My wife and I have 6 kids and they each have a Diamond membership! We travel from Vancouver, Canada to attend Front Sight - it's worth it for us to travel to Front Sight for the training.
I have lots of Diamond memberships available if you want more for your younger kids - I can sell them to you for $50 each.