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OT - Need help with camping trip gear!

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I know this is a bit off topic but I'm also using most of this stuff as gear to have for preparedness, so I guess it fits a little.

A few friends of mine are going camping at the end of October and we have limited space in the car.  4 guys and a VW Jetta!

This is a link to the google document that is my list of gear if you want to check it out

But if you guys could suggest some good gear go get for this trip it would be great.  I haven't been camping since I was a kid and my parents did a poor job of prepping for it.

I'm in charge of the gear and I plan on buying most of it so I have it on hand in the future in case I need it.  Also lots of the gear in the document have links to what I'm thinking of buying so if you have time to check it out and look at if the piece of equipment is any good (or if it is crap) that would be great!

Keep in mind space is really limited in that little VW Jetta with four guys in it.

Thanks guys,

Frazer in Southern Ontario, Canada

- Camp Axe
Good item to have - Fiskers makes a excellent one, though any will work.

- Firesteel-
No need to comment here - good item

- Fire tinder
Make your own, don't buy them.  Recently read a thread here about using a pencil sharpener to make tinder - Used the counter rotating one here in the office, and it works very nicely.  The single blade ones are nice too, though I have not tried it yet.  You can replace the pencil sharpener with a simple small folder.

- Strikeforce matches
Nice to have a back up.

- Folding saw/camp saw
Saws are nice to have, but I don't know about them,.. I have one,.. just don't know how much use it would be,..  most fire wood would be on the ground, shelter material can be gotten with the hand axe.

- Folding Shovel
Consider where you are going, and if the need is a valid one.  Could be useful I know.

- Map of area we're hiking
- Compass
- Water bottles
Get two

- Garbage bags
- Water purification tablets
What about a steripen or a hand pump filter?

- Compact food for snacks
GORP, trail mix, poptarts, snack bars as you mentioned.

- Daypack
- Emergency shelter
- Fox40 Whistle
- Emergency blanket
- Folding knife
Have two - one for larger tasks, and a smaller one.  Consider this also,..  every time you use the blade, it reduce it's edge,..  how will you sharpen it?  Can you use something that is found where you will be to cut? Like Flint or other?

- Sleeping pad
Good idea, creates a barrier between you and the ground keeping you warmer.  Can also be used as padding while you are hiking.

- Toilet Paper
Think some people forget this.

- Wet Ones
When dry, could be used as fire starting material.

- Hand Sanitizer
Good - can be used to start fires also.

- Sleeping bag
Make sure it fits the person using it.

- 1 large tarp for ground covering
If you can spare the room, get two.

- Warm Clothing
Given,..your in Canada ::)

- Camp Stool
You may be able to eliminate this, and use items in your camp area.. YMMV

- Flashlight and extra batteries (L.E.D. is best)

- Fanny pack or belt pack
Also can be used for short day hikes and not have to haul the make pack.

- L.E.D. Headlamp + extra batteries
Acutally, keeping your hands free is a good manner to go.  If you happen to be walking to the loo in the middle of the night, you have both hands to catch yourself in the event of a fall.

- L.E.D. Lantern

 --Might look at some of the Chem lights or solar powered flashlights,..  Or make your own (if time allowed)  The Chem lights could be used as night markers..  for trips to the loo.

- Camp Coffee set
Can you forgo a full set by using instant? Or??

- Camp Pots and pans
- Camp cups- Cooler for storing food
EH - Four people in a Jetta, with four packs, and a cooler?  Who's going to ride on the hood?  ;D  Reduce where you can, you need water, at least until you can find a good source.  Food could be simple foods, and not need a cooler.  Of course, it's YOUR trip.. if you can fit everything in, by all means...

- Thermoses for keeping foods hot
Good idea,.. can be used to slow cook foods too. 

-  Mess Kit (Knife, spoon, fork, Plate, Bowl, cup)
Paper plates could be burned in your camp fire.  But nothing plastic.

- Steel Wool
That works.

- Small bottle of dish soap
If you are thinking environmentally, use a bio-soap.

- Water Filter system
Good - See above.

Everything looks pretty good.  One the Coleman stove - depending on which, the size could limit your space,.. but the two burner ones are awesome to have and use for cooking for more then one person.

Seems like you are getting well planned out.  Hope you have a great trip, and look to hear back upon your return as to what you used, didn't use, what broke and how you fixed it,.. and if you found that you had something you didn't need...

I may have missed it but you probably want some dry bags or something to put things in so they don't get wet. For your matches you can use an old 35mm film case. You can use the case for other things too. Cotton and Vaseline keep a flame for a long time and believe it or not frito's keep a flame for a long time. Those 2 things may help your fire starting if need be.

I would also suggest a product called "camp suds". It's a pretty useful cleaning soap. You can use it to clean yourself, the dishes, and anything else. Just a few drops go a long way.

For cooking I personally bought myself a jetboil and my goodness it's fantastic. I can't describe how useful it is for me. I also bought myself a set of plates that fold into each other and for utensils i have a "hobo tool" which is basically a fork, knife, spoon, bottle opener, and 1 other thing I can't remember. All those really save space in my pack. The jetboil packs into itself and the hobo tool folds up like a pocket knife.

I'd pass on the alarm clock if someone has a cellphone. That can be used as an alarm clock. Just turn it off while hiking to preserve battery.

Basically once you think you have everything try and save as much space as possible when packing. You may also want to bring a small file to sharpen your knives and axe if you plan to use it a lot. You can velcro or tie the file to the axe handle to preserve space.

Good suggestions all.

also, roof rack for the Jetta.

Everything else is commentary!


Throw in a tent or 2 - small, lightweight 2-man tents. Spare socks. Food.

While at lunch I happened to be going over this in my mind.  I don't recall seeing any type of line or rope.  You should include some line, twine, rope in your gear.  Many suggest ParaCord as it can be broken down into 8 strands..


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