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Ideal rifle caliber for medium size game

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In the next year or so I'm planning to buy a rifle for medium size game (javelina, deer etc). I live in southern AZ and plan to hunt predominately in the Southwest.  I've asked everyone I know what the ideal rifle caliber would be. As you may expect, I've received some rather diverse responses.  First I was planning to go with the 308 then I learned that the power and range wasn't as good as my second choice, the 30-06.  I have since been advised of the advantages of .300 Weatherby, 7mm and .270.  I do not have enough experience to accurately assess these endorsements.  My gut instinct is that many of these calibers are more alike than different.  I really appreciate any insights you may have.

Hare of Caerbannog:
What kind of price range are you looking at?

Less than $750 is preferable.

I own the .06, but if I had it to do over again, I would probably pick the .308 primarily because I also want a .308 "assault" rifle (a SOCOM 16), and that would make one less caliber of ammo I would have to buy. In the .308, you can get a bolt action for longer shots, a semi auto or pump for hunting more in brush country, and something like a FAL or M1A for a MBR type weapon if you're in to that sort of thing. That's a whole lot of versatility for one caliber IMO. You can almost do the same with the .06, but then you are more limited in the "assault" rifle category to something like an M1 Garand. Both have there good points.

For more on the .06 vs .308 debate, check out this thread.


Hare of Caerbannog:
I'm a bit biased on the topic and a lot of others will have better advice than me, but I have an old Mauser 98 with a modern stock and an average scope. I built the set up myself and I'm no gunsmith.
I spent $40 for the Mauser. (I think they are about double that now)
I spent about $20 on a bent bolt handle on eBay. (the bent ones are better than the cut/screwed ones)
I spent about $100 on the stock and used a Dremel tool to fit it to the barrel.
I spent less than $100 on the scope.
Ammo was all purchased several years ago so I have about 3K rounds that I spent maybe $150 on. (8mm)
So for about $410 including ammo, I have a rifle that I can take down any average size mammal out to about 1000 yards.
All that and I got a free German bayonet in the deal.



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