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Meat in the freezer baby!

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Two successful hunts so far this year.  Two does in the freezer, but no legal bucks moving in Western PA so far.  Rut seems to be about two to three weeks late this year.  Don't understand it.  If anyone else is seeing the same thing (or something different), I'd love to hear about it.

Anyway, if you want to check out a video of the second hunt, you can see it here:

Rut was right on target here in Central PA. And basically over now. Does are starting to move again. And bucks are not as focused on the does. Timing seems usual.

But congrats on the meat! That doe in the video looks small, but I'm sure it's tender.

Yeah, she was a little small, but not too bad.  The first of the year was even smaller.  But I got skunked last year (for the first time in about twenty years), so when an opportunity presented itself, well, you know.  :-)


Just realized I hadn't posted any pics of my Missouri buck this year.  CONSIDERABLY more meat on this one.  :)


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