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Worm Bin for Bait?

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I fished only a few times as a kid and I'm looking to start next spring.

I already have a worm bin going for compost, but I'm wondering if I can use it to grow my own bait. Has anyone had any experience doing this? If so, do red wrigglers make for good bait or do I need to start a second bin with night crawlers?

I don't do a lot of fishing, but I know I've seen red wigglers sold in those bait vending machines.

Wiggles are a good trout bait.   I like them for any pan fish.  Crawlers are good for the above and bigger fish like walleyes,  large mouth and cat.   I will check a worm at just about anything.   Grow them and give it a try.

ayup , keeping a bait bin is a great idea
the bi product is awesome for the indoor plants
and ya just never know wen the time to go fishing will hit you


Sweet, I'll just keep on keepin' on with the red wrigglers. It would be easy enough to buy some night crawlers and set up a second bin. Might as well have the variety and second option.


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