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Eberlestock backpacks - any owners here?

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I searched the forum for Eberlestock phrase and only found fery few results. Seriously? With so many outdoorsmen and survivalists here, I'd expect more.
Right now I'm planning to buy an Eberlestock Warhammer backpack, which seems to be a perfect solution for all my luggage needs. I'd be very grateful for any informaton or field experience anyone has.
Yes, Eberlestock stuff is pretty expensive, but I'm tired of buying cheap packs, even more when they weren't actualy cheap.
I managed to sell off my recently bought Maxpedition Vulture (not bad quality, but it's so much smaller than it looks on photos), as well a some other stuff and suddenly I seem to have enough for the Warhammer and couple accessories. It would suck to get one, pay the international postage, pay the custom thieves fees and then find out it's not what I really expected.
I hope I won't be disappointed, but as I said, any infomation is welcome.

Be sure I'll bring some review once I have it and test it a little.

Too spendy for me, but I've heard nothing but good stuff about Eberlestock packs.  The knife forum I hang out on has a Halftrack Fan Club (no kidding - 20 pages of love for the HT).  Enjoy your pack!

I bought a J107 Dragonfly in tactical for hunting and when I go overseas.  I used it fully expanded when I flew over there and once I settled in, I converted it back to the smaller size for day trips and overnighters.  Between that and a USMC seabag, those two bags contained my clothes, sleeping bag, sheets, body armor, etc for a 6 mos trip.   I put the Dragonfly in a big hockey gear bag so the airline gorillas wouldn't destroy it on sight.  Once at my destination I pulled it out and slung it on.  I didn't have a rifle in the back, but it was still comfortable with a full load (not really swaying back and forth). 

When I take it elk hunting in Colorado, it serves as my day pack and when I'm lucky enough to bag an elk,  it gets converted over to hauling duties.  It can haul anything you can strap to it or put inside.  Last year, I thought my spine would break with a rear quarter, front shoulder and burger meat stuffed inside of it but both me and the pack made it out (there were marmots and foxes in the area eyeballing the meat and I was determined to get out as much as I could).  Plus I tucked the rifle into the scabbard too so it was probably 90-100lbs for about a 1.5miles.  The pack is a brute. 

I also picked up a used G3 Phantom from a surplus store for about half off of retail.  The previous owner had cut off the top buckles and the pack was missing the rain fly and top scabbard cover.  I picked them up online and fixed it up so it's back to full working order.  I use this one as my BOB and work bag now and then.  I have it loaded to the gills and it's comfy to move around in. 

As for gripes, on the Phantom the side pouches are a little small for 3L bladders but I've played around with some different bladders to get a good matching fit.  On both packs the side half pouches for water bottles are a little short for Nalgene bottles.  They'll fit but I'd dummy cord them to the side MOLLE straps in case they pop out.  Most of the water I've packed is in the internal pouches.  Other than that they have a ton of room and can be modified a bit with extra pouches etc.  If you got anything else please hit me up.


--- Quote from: Knecht on October 08, 2013, 10:49:10 AM ---I searched the forum for Eberlestock phrase and only found fery few results. Seriously? With so many outdoorsmen and survivalists here, I'd expect more.
--- End quote ---

I found 29 results when doing a word search for "eberlestock".  With multiple comments on each.

I have the G2H (Gunslinger II - Hunter) and I love it and thinking seriously about adding the Phantom.  I did my first elk hunt last season with my G2H and was kicking myself for not buying one sooner.  The scabbard worked flawlessly.

29 isn't that much :) Actualy it's odd, I found like five or six...well, nevermind.

Glad to hear all the positive comments. Looks like there's no need to be afraid of quylity issues (didn't really expect any) and as for practical use of the model I want, guess I'll have to trust myself. I was looking at the Dragonfly as well, but Warhammer still seems a little better for my needs.
IF ANYONE SAW IT AVAILABLE FOR GOOD PRICE (means less than $299) PLEASE TELL ME. Even if the seller won't offer international shipping, I have friends who would forward it to me. I'm watching ebay for a used one, but no luck so far. Looks like the owners are sure to keep it, once they buy it :)
How about the rifle scabbards? The one for "tactical weapon" they list is way too expensive (compared to the other models), but I hoped that an AK, Saiga or vz.58 without magazine (or with just a short one) might fit in one of the narrow models. Any experience?


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