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i thought it would be nice to have a place to display everyones hunting successes so post your photos if you wish

me and my daughter peyton and the six pointer i shot during wisconsin deer hunting season

Nice looking buck! It's a good thing you had your pardner there to bring him down for you. She looks like a first class helper.  ;)

The Sage of Monticello:

This was my first successful big game hunt, despite being closer to 40 than many 12 year old's harvesting their first deer. The photo does not do justice for the learning experience and special day it was for me. I had taken my Hunter's Education 3 years ago and after moving to Wyoming I was able to fulfill a long time dream and goal after becoming proficient with my rifles and learning everything I have in the past few years.

This day was the first day I was able to hunt with my wife and where I was free to go wherever I wanted to go. Previously, I was hunting with my father-in-law who was heavily experienced hunter, but wanted us to follow a strict path on where he wanted to go and an insistence in using loud and gasoline fuming ATV's.

This day was glorious as my wife and I took to our packs and hiked in fresh snow for over a mile and enjoyed the fresh air and freedom to go where we wanted. I hugged the treeline as I entered a meadow and by fortune was able to catch my deer by surprise. I was offered even more good luck in the presentation of a broad side shot at around 200 yards with my .243 Winchester rifle (set up with a Harris bi-pod).

I took the shot and the deer instantly fell to the ground with my 100 grain soft point. As I walked the long climb I experienced the anxiety of whether I had missed, or if I simply wounded my deer. However, the relief in seeing the animal down was great. I said a prayer out loud in thanks to God for the deer and respecting its spirit to feed our family.

Skinning and gutting is a humbling experience but necessary. To my surprise my wife was more interested in this process than disgusted. :)

The deer was absolutely beautiful and it was extremely heavy to pack out. I am not in great shape and need rest in the 9K+ elevation of the Bridger-Teton Forest.

The deer meat was processed and it was delicious in our chili which fed the family the other day.

My next tag to fill is Elk which has proved elusive for me so far but I will continue this week.

nice deer , you never forget your first successful hunt and its neat you got to share it with your wife . good luck on the elk hunt!!  :)


Nice scores!  You guys are helping fuel my excitement for my upcoming Elk hunt in mid November.

Radtke I think your little helper is adorable.  Hopefully she'll love to hunt too!

And Sage I'm glad you got to hunt with your wife.  I love hunting with my hubby - we have a great time together!


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