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Squirrel Hunting - Shotgun vs. .22

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I am gearing up to go squirrel hunting this year.  I have a Ruger 10/22, Savage Mark II, and a Mossberg 500.  I will be hunting in a relatively heavily wooded area, but I will be walking down small trails.  What one of these firearms would you use?  Thanks for any advice you guys can provide. 

-Hector 500 in NC

For squirrels, wood chucks, crows, foxes, skunks, badgers, and other things I won't publically admit shooting...
This will certainly take down much bigger animals, but other guns are better suited if you have wild pigs or coyotes causing problems. It'll do the job, but a .22 is better in those cases.

For small game and pest control, I prefer Air rifles.  Not a cheap wall-mart bb gun, but a high powered air rifle, between 1000-1500 ft/second.  The "Whisper" pictured above is what I use.  It is quiet, which is a benefit for me, since I use it for pest control in the anti-gun commie mecca of NY.  They rate it at 1200 FPS, in practice it's more like 1000FPS, but always round down whatever number is advertised. I'm not the best shot in the world, but it's accurate enough that I can head-shot squirrels at about 100 yards, so there's still some meat left on them when you're done. For things like woodchucks, and foxes, it's good for leaving the pelt undamaged, as opposed to a .22 that leave a pretty big exit hole sometimes, this is no bigger than a pencil point, hard to see under the fur.

 If you don't know the area well and are going there for the first time, I'd recommend taking the shotgun just to avoid bullet travel in case of a missed shot. Get to know the area (again in case you have never been there) then jump to the .22 when you are sure there aren't any roads, houses, etc nearby that you won't have to worry about.


What Dawgus said +1

I hate digging shot out of my meat, 22 once you know its safe. 

I have taken 1 squirrel with a cheap ass 300 fps BB gun. (Lucky shot right on the top of his skull), however, If I had a high quality 900 FPS or higher model.  I would happily use it for small game.

Alpha Mike:
22 or pellet gun, I hate picking out birdshot from critters.


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