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Fuel tank for Pop-Up Camper

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I was wondering because of some of the covers some people used.  They looked like they were too long (oval). So, I didn't know if "special" tanks had to be used or if those that people use for grills could be used. I have been told that the tanks that one can purchase at stores like Walmart, drug stores, etc. may be used.  (Although, I would like to have a "back-up" as well.)

I wish to thank everyone who responded for your help.

Finally got my truck fixed, so week after next (Spring Break), I will take the truck and the pop-up to a local camper dealer to have them wired. (Or re-wired actually) Then, *of course* I will have to *test* them out. (Right?  ;D) ASAP!

30 pound tanks are fairly common on campers, but I prefer the 20 pounders.  Much easier to take the tank off and go to the gas station and swap.  I also have a 5 pounder that I keep as an emergency reserve.

I stopped at a gas station last week and got a "20" lb tank.  THEN, when I get home, my son says that one of his friends has an extra that we could have.  >:(  Oh, well, I guess I could exchange the second tank for a full one and have an extra.

Thox Spuddy:
Two tanks should be the minimum. You don't want to be up in the hills at the beginning of a week-long camp-out and run out of gas. Generally it is cheaper to get a tank filled at a co-op than to swap. I also highly suggest you get two hoses as they can go bad on you. Also carry extra o-rings (one the fitting that goes into the tank) as they do corrode.

Thanks for the advise.  Good idea.  (Now, I know why my son's friend has 5 tanks. Well, 4 soon.  :D)
My son tried to fix the wiring today, but they didn't work.  One of his radio buddies suggested that it was because the truck wasn't hitched and that the wiring wouldn't work unless it was. (grounded). So, he's going to try again tomorrow - if it quits raining.  Otherwise, I'll have to take it in to a dealer to have it repaired - and pay out the nose!  :'( 


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