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Fuel tank for Pop-Up Camper

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A few days ago, I bought a '97 Pop-Up Camper.  It has been damaged (someone tried to tow it with a 1" ball and it fell off, bending the tongue and pushing the fuel tank into the body of the camper - and damaging the wiring) and I need to get a new tank. 
Does anyone know if all the tanks for campers are alike? (I haven't contacted a dealer yet.)

Are you talking about the propane tank?  If so, yes, they are just standard 20# propane tanks.

I'm sorry. Yes that is what I meant.
Thank you for your answer. 

20 lb may be standard, but I do know that smaller ones are also used, at least on some teardrop campers. I also have a set of larger ones (than 20 lbs) on an old travel trailer that I only use for storage so I don't really know how large they are other than they are definitely larger than the 20# ones.

Yes, there are several different sizes available.  But in the 20 years of looking at popup campers, I've only ever seen the 20# bottles on them.  Even the huge Fleetwood Avalon has 2 20# propane tanks on them.


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