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I am looking for some feedback on a new pack. I am deciding between a Maxpedition Condor II, Falcon II, or a Snugpak Rocket Pack. The pack will be used mainly for daily use back and forth to work and for traveling. I am engineer by trade and spend a fair amount of time traveling and doing field work. I have become a light packer and for an overnight business trip I like to take only one bag for clothes/toiletries, laptop, and misc items. Does anyone have any experience with these three packs for that use. I know the Rocket Pack is much larger with both rockets attached but similar in size with them removed and could be used for extended trips as well.

The Professor:
Sadly enough, I have all three (I'm a gear freak, I can't help it... I see tactical bags and I just gotta buy them. . .it's a sickness) including knock-offs from Voo-Doo for the Condor and Falcon.

I do like the Snugpack for the same reason you posted, it's a larger and can be increased in size.  For me this makes it a better BOB.  But, if you buy the either of the Maxpedition packs, it's not difficult adding side modules on.

You can't go wrong with any of the choices.  Maxpeditions are a little more. . .versatile.  More internal pockets, dividers, etc.

But there's a lot to be said about simplicity, too.

So. . .yeah. . .they're all good.  Sorry I can't be much more help.

The Professor

Gray Ghost:
Wow The Professor and I thought I was bad! Sadly, I suffer the same affliction. The only thing that has kept me from going completely nuts is my "gear budgeting".

I have the Maxpedition Vulture-II with a CamelBak Storm Hydration System and really like it. I looked at the other packs, but felt I wanted something larger yet not quit as large as an Alice pack. Still want an Alice pack though - for no apparent reason. For my every day bag I went with a Maxpedition Last Resort Tactical attacheĀ“ - LOVE IT. Although it took me a couple days to figure out where the hidden gun pocket was LOL.

As a side note I was reading one of the threads a while back and someone made a really good case for using bags and gear that does not look tactical in bug out situations - not drawing attention to yourself.

The Professor:
Yeah, it's sad. . .I'll buy gear of all sorts "just because."  The only real thing that keeps me reined in is my wife.  Case in point. . .LA Police Gear had a sale going on to get rid of their Tactical Map Case.  It's a really well-made knock-off of the Blackhawk Battle Bag.  I got one and liked it so much that I bought the last 10 they had in stock, kept 5 (One for both my trucks, one for the Wife's Truck and two upstairs next to the bed) and gave the rest to friends.  I use these as a combination Active Shooter-type bag and Get Home Bag (which I refer to as a Hostile Environment Resource Kit). Now I have a bunch of empty MOLLE-type shoulder bags that I bought before this one, I even replaced my Maxpedition Jumbo S-type  for them.

Now. . I'm just waiting for another one to come along. (somebody stop me before I buy again!!).

As to the backpacks not looking tactical. . .well, I generally agree with the premise not to buy a camo pack.  But, in all honesty, you can go down to your local fabric store (or even WalMart) and buy a couple yards of a neutral-colored durable cloth, sew a drawstring around all four corners and wrap this around your pack.  I do this when I hunt and have a reversible snow camo/blaze orange cover for my Hunting pack.  I can remain concealed if it's snowy, leave it uncovered if I'm in a non-snowy area or wrap it in bright orange if I get lost.  It only weighs a couple of ounces.

Get whatever pack works for you and worry about the appearance later.  A guy in khaki pants, olive shirt and hiking boots carrying a camo pack won't draw all that much attention.  Cover the pack in a medium grey cloth, and no one will think twice.

Just some thoughts, Hope they help.

The Professor

As to the

hey crusher,

if your interested, send me a PM i have a new/used one of these...below... im looking to let go of. its green camo and in great condition. lots of storage and pockets to organize. i have pics of the insides.


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