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I need some advice about buying a generator.  I have recently convinced my wife that a gas generator is a good idea especially after seeing our neighbor's basement flooded out after a bad storm.  Even though we didn't lose power, I convinced her with a "what if" senario.  What if we lose power during a storm and the basement sump is quickly filling up?  I really don't want to spend over $300 on a generator. It would also be needed to run the refrig and possibly the heating controls.  We're on gas.

Hi there, do you gas as in gasoline/petrol or gas as in LPG/bottled gas?  Steve from UK

Sorry I meant gasoline or petrol for my brothers across the sea.

The only problem with the lower cost gens is they are very noisy! You need to determine how much wattage you want to support (research your fridge and blower motor for amperage) then look at the different models. To run the heat will require you hire an electrician to add a panel to bypass the main. The lower priced gensets will drink gas also. I wouldnt be surprised if you use 3-5 gallons a day (Running around 12 hours like this model So gas usage and storage will be a large issue.

When I was in the Army and we had to run small generators what we did was as follows

Step One - Dig a whole that will let the generator sit about 1/3d under ground

Step Two - Stack sand bags around the hole higher then the top of the generator leaving the open side pointing in the direction you are least concerned with for noise

That was about it.  It did not result in "silent running" but it was a huge improvement especially at bed time.


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