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My wife bought us a used Raven MPV for our backup generator

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This was a pretty cool idea, but all-in-1 solutions tend to not do any of their jobs overly well.  I think I remember Jack buying something similar from Home Depot and it didn't work out for his needs.

I'll be watching this thread to see how you get this working.

For the batteries not fitting under the machine, is there a way you can increase the space for the batteries?  Maybe raising the seat a bit, if that's where the batteries actually sit.

The batteries sit in a cage behind the rear axle. I dropped the cage an inch and a half with some hanger brackets.  Going to re-make them a bit shorter as it looks I don't need to have this much extra room.

Also a link to a photo album -


--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on June 01, 2020, 06:43:16 AM ---This was a pretty cool idea, but all-in-1 solutions tend to not do any of their jobs overly well.

--- End quote ---

Yep, it's a mess! 

The generator is... well, loud as a generator, and you are sitting on the dumb thing, so you can't get away from the noise while driving it on gas power.

The really nice ATV front suspension does NOTHING because the back end is a lawn mower rigid rear axle bolted solid to the frame with no suspension. Rough riding.

You have to get OFF the machine to switch high and low gears. High gear is SCARY because 17 MPH bouncing around in a lawn mower seat you feel like you are going to fly off the machine! Also, no front breaks, so ALSO scary trying to stop and it just skids.

It's only rear wheel drive with a differential to allow for tight turns, so the thing won't handle hills well. It will just spin one tire in the mornings because the grass is all slicked up.

But it's exactly what I need right now in a single tool. A generator wherever I need a generator. It has a small dump bed for hauling small stuff like saws and tools. Able to move my trailers around.  It drives with the same configuration as a car so the kids will have some familiarity with that control layout in later years.

It's really a toy for me to tinker with. The manufacturer folded, so there is no warranty for me to void so I am going to be modding it to my heart's content! It's going to be my micro-tractor. Eventually it will get charged off the solar that is getting added to the garage. Maybe a solar panel roof.  Likely a power inverter to run off the batteries so I don't need to listen to the generator all the time (which will also connect to my Ryobi 100AH electric rider mower so I have that extra redundancy). Maybe a phone controlled remote start controller for the generator and an automatic switch gear between the inverter and the generator so when the grid goes down I don't need to run it 100% of the time, just on demand.

Definitely a unique concept, Tesla should pick this up.

There is also a Raven MPV Facebook page for owners exchanging tips.


--- Quote from: Carver on June 01, 2020, 07:37:58 AM ---There is also a Raven MPV Facebook page for owners exchanging tips.

--- End quote ---

I signed up for that a few weeks ago, but haven't been approved yet. I can't post in that forum.


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