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Prepper Rob:
Greetings TSP Form Energy Members

I had a friend run 12 volt wires in the attic to my battery bank.  I install white porcelain pull chain lights with 12 bulbs under the shade of the ceiling light fixture in the bed rooms and bathroom.

I ran a 12 gauge wire from my battery bank / inverter / generator hook up to the wood stove and the furnace with 3 plugs that will power them and other items.

I belive this is the best thing to do first before you put up your solar panels and wind turbines even if you have the money to do more.

This will get you ready for an event since you already have a generator, batteries and gasoline.

Prepper Rob, Louisville Ky.

Sounds like a good plan.
Did you use automotive harness type wiring or 110v lamp type wiring?

Good plan .wired my house  ac/dc 25 years ago .

Prepper Rob:
I used 10 gauge wire in the attic.  If automotive harness wire are a heaver gauge that come off the battery in cars then we are inline with the advice of smaller wire can not push 12 volts long distances.

I tried to run 15 feet of thermostat wire hooked into my 40 feet of 10 gauge wire an it would not light up a 12 light bulb.  When I replaced the thermostat wire with 10 or 12 gauge wire to the light it worked.

Sounds good Rob


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