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Draining fuel from carburetor of Sportsman 1000i inverter generator


Hello everyone,

I was hoping someone would be able to point out exactly how to drain the fuel from the carburetor of the Sportsman 1000i inverter generator that Jack mentioned on the show a couple of weeks back.

I picked one up and so far I like it a lot. I gassed it up and did a test run for a couple of hours. I ran the fuel tank dry and am now looking to put the generator away in storage for the time being. However, I can still see fuel in the primer bulb and know that there is still fuel in the carburetor.

Unfortunately, the manual that comes with the unit is rather vague when discussing this and merely says to “drain fuel from the carburetor by loosening the carb hose.” A photo or diagram pointing out the “hose” in question would have been rather helpful.

Rather than doing what I usually do, which is charge ahead and screw something up, I tried googling the answer, but it seems that I’m the only person on the internet that needs this issue clarified. Could anyone please point out which is the hose I am supposed to drain this with?

Thank you in advance for any help you could give.




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