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Italian Barber


Italian Barber is an online store that sells fine grooming items for men.
Let's face it, (pun intended), we all like to save some cash and who doesn't think that $24 for 10 plastic razors with 3 blades isn't insane? What's more insane than that is paying it. I have been ordering my shaving items from for several years now. Prices are some of the best I have found on shaving items online and service has always been top notch. They were very helpful when my wife contacted them for assistance in making a gift purchase for me. Onto the money savings!

Gillette Mach3 refill 10 blades at Wal-Mart - Lasts about 1 month $24
Yearly cost - Nearly $300 in blades alone!

Edwin Jagger DE89L safety razor handle runs $41 and is of very high quality. No blemishes in the finish and one would think that chrome would be slippery, but the machined lines in the handle provide a very good grip. This item is a one time purchase.

This razor is the double edged saftey razor type. These blades are also useful for preppers for use in medical kits because they are surgical sharp. I use Astra Superior Platinum DE Blade, 100 pack. Since each blade has 2 edges you essentially get 200 blades for $11.99!  A 100 blade box lasts me all year and the single blade shaves much better than the 2 and 3 blades disposables.

So compare $63 to $300 a year in razors the first time. After that just the cost of the blades and you are down to $12 a year, plus a couple of cans of Barbasol purchased locally for a couple of bucks.

So, a good review of and items and how to save some cash. Win!


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