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12th man:
I have been wearing Cabella's Dry Plus 4x Casual walkers since 11/2013. i remember because i bought them out of the bargain cave while working in Bosie. i wear them almost everyday, all day. they must have 3-5,000 miles on them, and i am 6'1" 235-245. The soles are getting worn now and they don't grip as well on slippery surfaces. Best shoes i have ever had. they don't get too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter, they don't allow water in, they are professional enough to wear to the office, and close enough to a boot that i dont have to put my work boots on when on-site if i dont want to.

these are $100 normally, i paid $40 out of the cave. i hate paying so much for shoes, but in this case i will ante up when the time comes if i cant find them cheaper before they HAVE to be replaced. As long as they keep making them i cant see ever buying anything else.

I also have Bog's for work around the house. totally worth the money.


I agree with Merrell quality.   Keen also is on par with Merrell.  I also would put the Cabela's Dry Plus stuff right up there, although they did not wear as long as my Keens or Merrell's.   But for the price, you can't beat Cabela's.

Good waterproof shoes and boots costs at least $80-120.   I've tried the store brand boots for $40.   They don't stay dry, maybe at first, but it won't last. 

John Doe:
Another +1 on Merrell's

I have a pair I run in

For the most part, I can't wear them as they're usually too narrow in the toe for me. However, I did manage to find a really nice pair of brown leather Merrell boots on clearance once. They have a nice thick, textured sole with NO heel, difficult to find with women's shoes. They look great with jeans or a dress/skirt and are waterproof. I wear them mostly in the winter when I need to look nice but still might encounter some inclement weather; the perfect dual-purpose boot.

My absolute favorite shoes now are Keen. But that's a topic for another thread :)

I've had some people mention Keen, I'm going to have to look into them.


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