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Jeremy Downing:

--- Quote from: theBINKYhunter on January 31, 2016, 08:28:11 PM ---Wanted to give a shout out to Merrell shoes in case anyone is looking for a new pair of shoes to wear. The other day I commented to my wife that I thought it was time for a new pair since mine were starting to look pretty bad. She replied "you've had them for four years so probably." I had no idea I'd been wearing them that long, just about everyday too. She has a pair herself that she wears when we go walking/hiking outdoors and loves them.

The quality of these shoes is great. In fact once I realized I'd had them for so long I promptly ordered another pair of the same model since they work so well.

Merrell Moab Ventilator is the specific model I have.

Also I took some pictures of my new pair next to my old pair for comparison. Here's an few pictures of them.

I'm not a small guy either. 6'2" and for most of the time I wore these I was floating around 225lbs.

--- End quote ---

I've worn these shoes for years. They are 1 Gazillion percent my favorite walking shoes. 20 Miles? Helz yah.

I've been procrastinating buying another pair of hiking shoes, and this topic encouraged me to go ahead and take the plunge.

I own a pair of Merrell hiking shoes, which I've had for many years, and the uppers are completely worn out, but the soles are still in good shape.  I can't remember exactly when I purchased them. But, these have been the best hiking shoes I've ever owned. I'm not sure what model shoe it is, since I can't find a marking anywhere on the shoe as such. They are a little on the heavier side weight, so I would like to get a shoe that's a tad lighter.

So, based on this post, I just purchased the Moab Ventilator at Amazon, along with an overly expensive pair of socks. Hopefully, I got the size right (I went with 1/2 size larger than my previous pair), and won't have to return them. I've noticed over the years that the size that fits my feet the best varies depending on brand, type, and model of shoe. That's why I'm a little wary of buying shoes online. I hate going through the hassle of returning clothing items. On the other hand, I also hate shopping in stores for clothing, which wastes a lot of time.  :-\

When I receive these shoes in a few days, and get a chance to do some walking, I'll update on what I think of the Moab Ventilator.

Smurf Hunter:
My current pair I got at the REI "Garage Sale"  last year.  Paid only $29 for some mid-height hiking boots that retail over $120.  I mostly wear for camping/hiking, but probably have 100 miles on them after so many Boy Scout outings, etc.  They are still a good value at full price, but I'll always grab a spare pair when I find a deal.

OK, here's the update on my new Merrell Moab Ventilator shoes.

I've now put a total of about 15 walking miles on my Merrells, and took them on a camping trip. I like them a lot. The only thing I'm considering is possibly replacing the insert with one that has a little more cushion. The prior Merrells I had were heavier than these, but they had more cushion.

Otherwise, they're a great pair of shoes.

Here's another update on my Merrells.

After walking a lot in these shoes, I found that the right side of my left foot heel was starting to get a small blister. The issue was that the original insert, being fairly thin, was allowing that part of my heel to come into slight contact with the lower area where the uppers are attached to the sole. I don't know why this wasn't an issue with my right foot. Possibly a minor variation in my foot, the shoe, and/or the insert.

I replaced the original inserts with higher quality Pinnacle Powerstep inserts, which are thicker and provide better arch support. They are now walking like a charm.

I wear these almost continuously now, including for work, walking and hiking.


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