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Wanted to give a shout out to Merrell shoes in case anyone is looking for a new pair of shoes to wear. The other day I commented to my wife that I thought it was time for a new pair since mine were starting to look pretty bad. She replied "you've had them for four years so probably." I had no idea I'd been wearing them that long, just about everyday too. She has a pair herself that she wears when we go walking/hiking outdoors and loves them.

The quality of these shoes is great. In fact once I realized I'd had them for so long I promptly ordered another pair of the same model since they work so well.

Merrell Moab Ventilator is the specific model I have.

Also I took some pictures of my new pair next to my old pair for comparison. Here's an few pictures of them.

I'm not a small guy either. 6'2" and for most of the time I wore these I was floating around 225lbs.

I've been wearing these for at least 8 years now. They are my day to day shoe.
I get a new pair for my birthday every year and rotate them into the mix. I think I have 4 pairs right now. 2 are relegated to the "in the backyard" only.

Yup, that's what my old pair is going to. Nothing wrong with them aside from being worn and looking dirty. They're going to be my yard work shoe from now on and probably will last a while in that role.

My goto shoes.  I have a pair of Winter mocs i use only outdoors in winter and a set of Jungle Mocs at the office that I change into when I arrive. 

I bought a pair 3 years ago. Love them. I did find they run a tad small on the sizes if memory serves me correctly.


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