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As per Jack's podcast about links with 50 or so replies. Hers is a thread about someone starting out with pigs.

Hope this helps, if nothing else it is the first post to help this sub forum.

Hehehe...  if you think Jack couldn't slaughter chickens, no way he'd manage hogs!  That's definitely an option I hadn't considered.  I'm in no way able to raise anything other than veggies at this point, but I knew I would keep chickens and rabbits if it came to it.  This is something I'd also do now that it has been brought to light.  Thanks.

My wife wants us to get a piglet next year and raise it.  We have discussed not naming animals we raise so our children do not get attached making it harder to slaughter them.  However, we now feel that we can name any hogs we raise "Bacon" or "Sausage".

A friend of ours raises cows and pigs for meat.  We didn't have any problem petting # 31 and knew this steer was going to end up on the table.  Farm animals are supper, pets remain cats & dogs.  This year we are going to get chickens but only for eggs and poo right now.  I would think chickens are hard to clean.

+1 pets being cats and dogs (another important "prep" is a good dog. The wife and I are waiting until we have land for that one)


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