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CRKT - great CS


I bought a small minimalist CRKT knife for around work. Cut boxes, bags, etc. It's a great knife and my cheapo sharpener does a decent enough job on the blade for what it's for.

One day I noticed on of the screws for the grip was missing. I e-mailed their CS department and asked about getting a new screw. A few days later in the mail there were two screws for me. They sent them out ASAP and gave me an extra and didn't charge me. That's a win in my book!

I currently run all CRKT stuff when I'm out. 1 fixed,1folding, 1 tomahawk, 1 mini (usually a neck knife). I drop the fixed and tomahawk for edc. still run a leatherman wave for wave for my multitool though.

I've had similar experiences. Great company.

Warranty info here:

Replacement parts order form (free):


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