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Coe's Comfrey - order warning

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He can be quite slow- but always calls me when sending.... hang in there.


--- Quote from: jnpg on August 05, 2014, 09:50:34 AM ---He can be quite slow- but always calls me when sending.... hang in there.

--- End quote ---

Hi jnpg, welcome to the forum!

When you get a chance, stroll over to the "Front Porch" thread and introduce yourself.


he is no doubt just innundated, Im sure he will get you your plants

I dont remember how long my order took, but I knew he is just a one man operation

We ordered from him about a month ago and after no communication our package showed up one day filled with extra goodies.  He's a great resource, but we have to remember that plants are not like books or other items that can just be pulled off a shelf in a warehouse.  It takes time to prepare a live plant from the soil for shipping.  There are seasons and maturity to deal with.  He does a great job, but does need our understanding.

Got a voice mail message from Coe's. Stating still a few days before order goes out but as folks have said he is padding the order.
I did not expect there would be such a back log. My intent was to advise of an unusual (in MHO) delay. From their website, I had no idea how much of a "mom & pop" operation this was. That being the case, I am quite happy to wait for the order. 


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