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Coe's Comfrey - order warning

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I just had to chime in on this one and add my report. I ordered some 1 or two year plants from coe last year and he called me the next day to tell me the ground was still frozen and it might be a few weeks before he could dig them up.

He also was short on what I ordered and offered to send a bunch of crowns and cuttings instead -- which I was fine with. He also asked if I was interested in any particular subjects as he likes to send dvds out with orders. So I told him I was into permaculture and ended up chatting with him for 20 minutes or so about random things - he seems like a great guy.

It did take a while to arrive, but when I got my order I was pleasantly surprised to find he sent me nearly twice as many cuttings as he said he would and a bunch of permaculture/organic gardening related dvds! He sent me so many cuttings I didn't even know what to do with them all and ended up letting some die!

I never got the slightest impression there was anything racist about him, maybe a little bit of a tin foil hat but hey I have a small one too sometimes :)
All in all I'd definitely reccommend him as long as you don't want your comfrey tomorrow...

Ok, here is 2 years later. No other reports of  inappropriate written  material.

Looking this over, the main complaint was from a new user, that did not continue here, that just joined here to complain about COe's Comfrey. Although, 1 other user seems to have also said there was an alarming newsletter ?

My guess is that during the time is was overwhelmed he had some hired help that slipped in this material with the usual conspiracy and permaculture stuff.

I did order from him again a few months ago, great cuttings, rooted well, great packaging and customer service. DVD add ons were mostly gardening with 1 or 2 conspiracy, there was a 9-11 dvd. 

I realy think this is a good vendor that can be used with confidence by any of us


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