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Coe's Comfrey - order warning

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Yea, I looked the paper over to see if it was something maybe he made, but was printed in another state and you could buy extra copies to give out and such. I wish I would have kept it, but found it more suited as a fire starter.

Jack. Did you get any word on this from coe or others?

I just got my order from Coe a few days ago (within a week of when he told me to expect it).

Included in the order were these DVDs:

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives
Seeds of Freedom: Health Risks and Politics of GMO
What and Why are Spraying (chemtrails)
A Forest Garden Year
Organic Gardening Made Easy
TSP episode 1185 (15 perennials)
"Permaculture Videos" (17 items)

Papers included:

Thank you form
FDA comic
Fair Use law (for the DVDs)
Comfrey Brochure
Order form
Comfrey tips

The order also included 10 bonus cuttings.

Honestly, it was one of the most disorganized packages I've ever gotten from a business, but Coe seems pretty old-school, non-tech (he has a guy that does his emails for him)...he's obviously gone through a lot of manual labor to put all this together when it could have been done 10 other much easier and cheaper ways.  I tossed the whole package because the info was on his site and I've either seen or don't care to see all of the videos.  Nothing seemed racist to me, but one of the papers mentioned getting different DVDs on my next order from his library of 500, so maybe I just lucked out.

Before ordering, I called Coe and he spent 10-15 minutes discussing the selection and planting etc.  I requested a ship date of May 1 (a few months later).  My order shipped sometime between May 1 and May 7 and I got another 3 min voicemail from Coe letting me know to expect it.

Overall I felt like I got more than I paid for and the service was great. Is Coe a little odd? Probably.  But I don't think he's pushing a Nazi agenda or anything. He should probably use a little more discernment with the free stuff he includes, but that's about all I'd say he's guilty of.  Maybe he got a slap on the wrist already for the Nazi stuff and isn't including it anymore, good enough for me since what he believes or subscribes to really isn't that big a deal either way.

I'm guessing his business has really grown since Jack suggested him on-air and hopefully he's through most of the pain of that process by now. He's a good source for Comfrey and appears to be an accessible expert on it...I'd wait for more info on this before cutting him off, if at all.

Just got my order too.  Pretty much the same as the White Russian above, including the literature, dvds, and extra cuttings.  No issues with customer service.  I didn't make, request, nor receive a single phone call.  I just placed the order, and a month later got a shipping notification email and everything just showed up. 

I'm happy.
See?  This is my happy face  :-|

Seriously, I'd order from Coe's again.

Mr. Bill:
Thanks for the reports.


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