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Backwoodsman Mag - making methane & diesel


The current issue of Backwoodsman Magazine has a great article on using a "batch digester" to manufacture methane for use.  There is also another section of the article talking about a way to make your own bio-diesel.  Great article.

Rob K.

BioDiesel is actually not extremely difficult to make. I have a 1984 VW Jetta that I currently run on BioDiesel made from recycled oil that I buy @ a local co-op. I used to buy it from a man who made his own in his backyard using 55 gallon drums and a mixer. Ran great in my Jetta.
Here is a link for a quick look at how its made:

And here are some instructions to make a small, test batch:

Contact me if you want to get more information on brewing your own, I've collected quite a list of links.

Archer - I have a 2000 VW diesel and wondering how much are you paying per gallon for your biodiesel?

Hello GlenM,
 here in the Bay Area, I currently pay $5.19/gallon. I know, it's expensive. So I've been taking public transit on some days.


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