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Why would anyone buy this?

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Also, that ammo is not standard 22 ammo, it's subsonic, which already places it at a premium over standard ammo. While not as powerful it is very quiet, and if you have a suppressor for a bolt action 22 is as close to silent as you are going to get.


Way better deals than you guys are referencing.

Eley is a premium brand, perhaps THE premium brand.  And stated above, any variation from the standard type will be an additional premium.  In the few places I have seen .22LR I have seen it $7-$10 per 50 for just standard brands like CCI, or Win.  The reason the Eley is in stock is because it is expensive and is the last of what folks want to buy.  The cheaper stuff sold out long ago and still is not back on a regular basis.  I guess compared to nothing, a box of 50 is "bulk!"

Fortunately I have been buying 500rd boxes of .22LR for years and have over 20K, but I still keep an eye on supply and it is amazing how precious little there is out there almost a year later.  Most ammo companies have at least a two year backlog so it will be probably 3-4 years before we see major improvement.  Assuming nothing horrible happens in the meantime!

And, Again: .

There are plenty of in-stock deals for .22LR at far less than 20 cents per round - in fact, the first listing is Armscor 36gr for $0.12.

Heck, using that, I can find .22LR in my preferred 60gr Aguila SSS for $0.18 per round.

Last week I bought a 1000 round box of Winchester from Wal Mart for 49 bucks. I just happened to be there when they put it out.



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