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Price inflation?

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Wow, I know the ammo ordering is out of this world lately, but I never imagined would be jacking up prices like the other guys.

Loose packed LC 5.56 at over a dollar a round?

Steel cased Wolf .308 at $0.90 a round?

I've been considering doing business with your company based off the reviews from others on TSP.  I think I'll just add you to my list of companies to avoid now.

I'm with you. I boycotted CTD over this practice, and now this company as well. I've ordered once in the past, but never again!

Not related to them in any way: Do you think it's possible that maybe their supplier raised their price and BA is just passing that along?

The same 5.56 round cost is going on here in NH! So I think it is the cost being pass on. Supply and demand in effect! I would hold off until the supplies come back and people slow down their purchases.

I am holding on buying ammo and looking at other fringe items.

Stay safe!

Maybe BA could not get any more through normal distribution and they bought some from CTD as last resort!!

It could be widespread chiseling, but seems like at least a few places would reign in prices if possible.  If prices are around $1/rd nearly everywhere then it must be starting at the manufacturer or distributor.


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