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3 new hens


We went and bought 3 new hens - pullets, really - from here:

We got a black rock, an amber lee, and a bluebelle (all hybrids).

We haven't seen them roaming in the garden yet because when we got home we had to put them straight to bed with the other ladies we already have.   I really look forward to seeing them tomorrow and hope there is not a lot of argy-bargy when they sort out their new pecking order.  On advice of the poultry lady I got a little watergun (not one of those blasters) to spray any of the older girls if they get really aggressive.    I'll try to get some pics over the next few days. 

They should be good at laying (300+ p.a.) and I wanted to get a few more (since we lost 5 this winter) as I have a couple of egg buyers already and they have been waiting for my other ones to come back into lay.  Hopefully we'll be getting some decent production soon.

Dirt Rider 3006:
My parents had numerous Black Rocks when I was growing up. They are a good hearty chickens and they did lay almost an egg a day.

Good Luck with them...

Thanks Dirt Rider.  They seem to be settling in OK but it will take time.  They didn't figure out how to come out of the house (sleeping area) today but did manage to get back up and in this evening. 

Funny thing, the youngest and shortest little hen (pekin bantam) is the one giving them the most problem (and not the bigger pure breed girls)!  She's mean!! 


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