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CCI Blazer 22 LR ammo

Cheap packs of bulk 22 lr ammo available. CCI Blazer 5,250 round case of the 40 grain, lead round nose, 22 lr ammo. Stock up quickly with a full case. Thanks for your time!

Quantity - 1 case containing 10-525 round Value Packs
Manufacturer - CCI
Bullets - 40 grain lead round nose
Casings - Rimfire-primed brass
Manufacturer Item # - 10021

Picked up a case. Lets see how it does.

I was wondering what this ammo costs elsewhere. In Portland Oregon I'm usually able to find it on sale at Big 5 every other month or so for around $18 a 525 rd box. Just curious because of shipping charges, sales taxes and stuff like that. (No sales tax in Oregon.)


After getting my shipment from them and thinking I got a good deal.. what do I get in my inbox.. Palmetto State is selling the same stuff for 5.00 bucks a box cheaper.

Do your shopping boys and girls. Jumping on a deal because it looks good does not mean that there are not better deals out there.

And just a follow up. Seems that they do not offer any price matching on items. Live and learn. Next time will be buying from someone that stands behind their products a bit more. If only more companies could be like Ready Made Resources and Gold and Silver Shop.


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