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Theft of Large Breed Hens


A breeder here in the UK has had most of her large breed stock stolen. 

It will affect her income but it is also heartbreaking to lose birds you have spent time on and loved.

I think this is a sign of the times as others on the forum had heard of other thefts.  It will probably get worse as things get tough(er).

This just sickens me.   Im really disapointed in people in general.   I would shoot someone on site if I caught them stealing my chickens, but if someone would ask I would give them 3 or 4 to get started for free.   The world is really going down the tubes imo.

Da Fat Kid:
I couldn't agree more sschoolc. I have a zero tolerance rule for thieves. If someone "needs" something I have all they need do is ask. Just remember a dead man tells no lies and coyotes leave no evidence. You may want to polish yer coon huntin skills cause that is probably the culprit.


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