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I'm sure some of you have already heard, but there is going to be an increase on ammunition prices across the board within the next few months. If you plan on stocking up on ammo. Sooner than later would be the best option. We're told that due to the rising cost of raw materials and the dollar strength is causing the increase. No exact % number released but expect at least a 5% increase. Now is a great time to pick up some bulk 40 auto ammo. I have a bunch in stock and quite a few sale priced.

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Smurf Hunter:
I've heard this from various sources, so am not thinking it's a shameless promotion for ammo sellers :)

For whatever reason, the cost of most reloading components in my local stores seem unchanged, while loaded ammo is noticeably more.
I've been buying a few hundred primers and an extra jar of powder whenever I see good prices now. 

I can only conclude that the cost of brass has gone up.  Thoughts?

Gas prices up + power of the dollar down = higher prices for everything...especially if it's heavy like ammo.

I think it has gone up.  Used to see 1000 rounds 7.62x39 for $200 now it is costing $300.

Smurf Hunter:
Last Saturday I went to Cabelas for their NRA drive.  You could join or renew for $25 ($10 off), and for doing so in person, you got a $25.00 Cabela's gift card.  Pretty solid deal.

I spent the card on .223 plinking ammo (55gr American eagle $5.29/20rnds).  Not the greatest stuff, but cheaper than I can find any .223 online recently.


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