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Just had a great experience with them.  I ordered yesterday morning, received ammo today.  It was packaged well, inside a plain box with plenty of paper cushioning. 

Very happy customer here.   ;D

Had a great experience with them. Ordered a thousand and the only issue was with Fedex. The delivery guy said it was delivered and it was not. Called customer service a day after the stated delivery date and the rounds were at the house within 2 hours. I will be ordering more when funds permit.
Thank you for sharing your positive reviews!

So what is the deal with the ammo can? Do you have to pay an extra $10 in shipping or was that a mistake? that would really mitigate the "free" part.

Thanks for a great transaction.  I placed the order on Friday evening and it shipped Monday, arrived Wednesday.

I shipped my for pickup at our local UPS customer center so it wouldn't be sitting on the doorstep all day.  I called BulkAmmo to confirm this and they were very helpful making sure it was shipped properly.

I found that if you're buying ammo, it's easier to just to ship it for pick it up at the UPS/Fed Ex place.


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