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My wife and I are planning on adding a pair of dairy goats to our homestead.  I picked up a copy of Storey's guide to Dairy Goats, and am currently reading it, as will my lovely wife.  We have 3 kids, and the milk would be a welcome addition.

Questions for the crowd that I haven't read yet.  What's the best time of year to buy goats?  Anyone have any experience with dairy goats?  Books can only cover so much, I prefer first hand experiences.

Do you like goat's milk? If you're planning on using the milk, I'd get some first and try it. Supposedly keeping the males and females sperately will improve the flavor. Could be an urban legend. I was raised on cow's milk and goat's milk, at least the ones I've had, tasted like crap. But lots of people liek and even prefer the flavor.


--- Quote from: chris on January 28, 2009, 02:22:04 PM ---Do you like goat's milk?

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Sure do.


--- Quote from: simple_pilgrim on January 29, 2009, 04:16:49 AM ---Sure do.
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Then your're set. Goat's kick ass. :)

One thing I have to say is fences, fences, fences!  We had Pygmy's for a while and they got out of everything, which wasn't really the bad part, they ate EVERYTHING.  All my grapes and berries and just about anything else I didn't want them to.  If you've never had a buck goat, I can tell you that they are the most disgusting smelling animal I've ever experienced.  Of course many people raise them, and they are wonderful for many other people.  I would also recommend that you get them disbudded, our buck tore out steel walls and lattice fences.


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