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Skinning Chickens

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I am planning my final homestead, which is a few years out, and we are very interested in raising chickens for eggs and for meat.  Having never raised/butchered chickens, I did some research.  As with duck hunting, it is very labor intensive. 

My question is, can you just skin a chicken, or just breast it out if you had to, or do you have to dunk it in hot water and then pluck the whole thing?



You can skin them, my neighbor does. I have only plucked and processed two, but it wasnt very difficult. It only took 30 minutes from coop to frig for two, my first time.



Thats good to know.  30 minutes for two is a good amount of time.  Thanks for the reply!


Yeah 30 minutes is a lot of time, but....
1) that was my first time
2) I didn't know how to set up my work area efficiently
3) I didn't know enough about processing to do it quickly

I believe that with practice I could do one in less than 10 minutes, and with better equipment, like a Whizz Bang plucker, much less than that. Regardless of the time it wasn't such an onerous task that I would dread it. I believe I might invest in 25 Cornish Rock Crosses this summer and put them in the freezer for the winter. Heck we might even sell a few to the neighbors. Add that to our egg selling.

one thing i have learned is when plucking make sure the water is very hot, almost makes it so much easier.the first time i did it my water was not hot enough and i spent alot of time plucking the pin feathers that did not come off making it a very labour intensive project and disgusting my family with the ones i missed.with the water much hotter it was a breeze


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