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best air gun type action for pest shooting?

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Which air gun type action do you guys think is the best for pest shooting? Break Barrel Spring Piston, CO2 Gas, Single stroke pneumatic,pre-charged pneumatic etc. Generally speaking all have advantages and disadvantages break barrel spring piston usually shoot at a higher feet per second but are single shot so if you miss it gives time for a pesky squirrel, gopher, or starling to get away. Co2 Gas are semi auto but require you to purchase Co2 every time you use up your Co2 Gas. Which type of air gun action do you guys think is the best for pest shooting and why?


My dos cents, after being a life long airgun lover, I've had them all break barrels, PCP, multi-pump, CO2, etc:

If you are heading into the woods, swamp, etc anywhere away from an area of resupply and you need to take all your stuff with you then a non-pneumatic rifle will be better. this is due to the fact that in time a PCP (pre charged pneumatic) will need "more air" and each subsequent shot gets weaker in FPS. ON the good side, a PCP is good for follow on shots and most can be shrouded to make them quieter. So for long periods hunting away from resupply a break barrel or multi pump is great. I'd go with a magnum break barrel.

If you are sitting on your back porch taking out pests, then a pneumatic would be best.

Keep in mind a PCP has a higher operating cost, due to the resupply of the air. A break barrel may be one shot but all you need is the gun and pellets, the maintenance is almost none.

Don't be too worried about the FPS and the velocities, most are under BEST conditions anyway. Caliber and shot placement are the important thing.

Lemma me know if you have any more questions, like I said before, I love this stuff.

Hey spooky what pneumatic do you recommend for shooting pests in my backyard or front porch? I currently have a Beeman break barrel action which comes with 2 barrels a 22 and a 177. The 177 shoots a 1000 fps,the 22 shoots 800 fps i love it however its a pain in the neck when I miss a shot at a squirrel or starling and when i break open the barrel to reload the squirrel and starling get away. And i have a huge squirrel problem in my neighborhood they eat my fruit trees!! Plus other people in my neighborhood are animal lovers and feed the squirrels!! Which makes the squirrels come to my neighborhood even more! But i live in the suburbs so i can't use a 22lr only airguns.

well, the first question to ask is what is your budget, I can take it from there. and remember the more you spend the better quality you get. If I had to give you an answer now on the low end I'd go with a Benjamin Discovery, it uses both a pump or CO2. IF you had more to play with I'd go with something from the Webley Scott line of rifles. If you had unlimited funds (who does?) go with the Daystate Airwolf, the ultimate air rifle (IMO). keep in mind when it comes to your budget that for a PCP you'll most likely need a hand pump or a gas system and of course pellets.

The most i would spend on an air gun is $200, but that is the most I am willing to spend I prefer one to be in the 150-175 dollar range.


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