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whisper rifle.


if i need to move this thread to a different subforum just let me know but i figured it would be most prudent here. my father has mentioned how he would like a Whisper Air Rifle. from what i have found on the web these seem to be very well thought of. my mother and i are thinking about buying it for christmas this year and i was really hoping someone would have some hands on experience with this or a similar rifle and might be able to give me a ye or ney. i believe he would use it mainly for the occasional garden infiltrating bunny and squirrel hunting. we also get rats in our woodpile every few winters. any info would be much help. thanks.

boy howdy. i feel dumb. i just saw the airgun board. sorry about that.

Hare of Caerbannog:
Fix it for ya.

thanks brother. i cant go a full day without messing something up.


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