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I was thinking about getting an airsoft gun for training when I cannot make it to the range. However, I currently reside in an apartment and was not sure how loud they are and if I would get complains. I was thinking about the kwa(i think) g19. Any advice is appreciated.

I'd like to know as well, since I'm living in SoCal now and it's a pain in the butt to get to the range.

Also, what would make some good backstops?

FWIW, I think one would be fine if you had some music on when practicing... apartment walls may be thin but people get used to tuning neighbors out.

their pretty quiet, my friend has a Fully auto AK - 47 and it is quieter than a cricket :) I've shot other ones too, and generally, they are quiet and don't draw suspician.  some cardboard or a blanket drapped over something is a good target.

Just don't get a gas operated gun and you will be fine. The spring operated guns are very quiet! I would not recommend an electric blow back handgun, but those aren't loud either.

The most noise is going to be when you hit your target. Like the other posters have suggested, use techniques to conceal the noise (and also to trap the BB's or they will be all over the place).

Thanks guys. I want to practic with my carry gun, so to get a copy of it I need to get a gas gun. But I think I can mask the sound, like the other poster said, with music or something. I think this will also allow me to practice with cover or working around corners.


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