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What are some good recommended car battery brands ? The battery on my rav4 has not impressed me. It seems to easily go dead in cold weather or from charging your phone without starting the car. Supposedly it was a new battery when I bought the car 2 years ago but I think I should replace it

I have found that any of the popular brands will do.
You want to look for the one with the highest amount of cold cranking amps.

That and quit charging your phone with the vehicle off.


 I have an AC Delco battery in my Rav4. I went to a car wash and made the mistake of shutting of the engine inside the car wash. I thought I smelled fumes and I thought that since I am inside an enclosed car wash, perhaps I should kill the engine. It then wouldn't start, possibly because of moisture. The previous night it had gone down to 10 degrees or so. I started it by connecting my 12 volt lithium battery to my car battery. This took just a few minutes

 I then drove 200 miles to Maine and that Friday and at night it was again 10 degrees. Then on Sunday the car would not start even if the lithium battery was connected to it for an hour. The radio would not play if you tried to operate the windshield wipers. I had AAA jump it, I left it running and drove an hour south to visit my friend. I stayed there for a few hours and drove 3 more hours home.

 Regarding my truck battery that I bought from AutoZone, my mechanic said it was not a very impressive battery and recommended one with more juice. I am thinking the same with the battery in my Rav4

I saw some good reviews for  DieHard, Interstate, Optima, Duralast.

This battery has cost me two AAA calls so far this year. One more and I have reached my limit for the year. Maybe I should just get a different battery

I'm a HUGE fan of the Interstates. It is the only thing I buy for my vehicles.

That being said, the Everstart batteries at Walmart, have a great warranty. " While not illegal, not necessarily moral"
I've bought many used at the junkyard, drained them dead, and brought them to
Walmart for a warranty exchange.  They have also held up well in MN winters. 

You need to make sure that all of the cables and connections are clean and tight to make sure the battery is getting a proper charge and providing maximum current to the starter.

No problems with AutoZone‚Äôs Duralast batteries.  I had low expectations for the first one, getting it because it was close and convenient, but it did so well I got a Platinum (AGM) for the other car. 


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