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 My RAV4 sometimes has a vibration. This happened maybe 2 weeks ago as I was driving down the road. The vibration seemed really bad but I stopped the car and then started driving again and it went away. It was fine after that but today there was a significant and very noticeable vibration. It was noticeable around 35 or 40 MPH. After a short while, this vibration also went away

 I did notice something else. If you open the window in the back seat (either side), you can hear a kind of oscillating vibration that effects your ear in a weird way. This particular sound seems much more consistent or possibly it is happening all the time. If you open windows in the front seat, you don't hear it. I seem to be able to hear that even though the other more serious vibration has been more intermittent. The more serious and intermittent vibration does not need the window open to be noticed and is not just a sound but a vibration.

 I will probably have to call the mechanic this week is my guess, probably I will call him on Monday

Yep... sounds like a trip to the mechanic to me... maybe warped rotors, bad tie rods or something else with suspension? Or maybe uneven tire wear?

I'm just guessing, of course...

My Honda does this

Back window open you get a vibration, open front window opposite side it goes away.

I think it is cause they are built pretty air tight.

 :popcorn:  I wanna' see where this goes.


Is it likely something that is not serious? I am on vacation in two weeks and don’t want to have to deal with something while I am away in Maine.


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