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Paintball Guns As A Less Lethal Defense...

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My advice is to only pull the gun you want to be in a gunfight with. If it is post SHTF/riots whatever and I see some draw its 2 in the chest and one in the head. Think about it. Its some sort of chaos and you see some post up on you. Its real hard to tell exactly what type of barrel you are looking down at 20 yards. I think it would likely be a trigger for someone else to exert deadly force against you leaving you not much in the area of options.

although paintball guns do sound like a really good less-than-lethal weapon, I don't consider them the best option.  If a neighbor sees you from a distance shooting a paintball gun at some kids... maby some screams.... their going to call the cops and the cops then believe you have a weapon and won't likely hesitate to fire upon you. In my opinion, sap gloves, brass knuckles, slap jacks, stun guns, mace, and other similar weapons are the best. they can be easily concealed, work great, and produce as much pain as you want, limited only by your strength and persistence. 

i dont know you might make things worse they might pull out a real gun. but it would scare the hell out of them!


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