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Is my Air Rifle powerful enough?

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Gamo make a Raptor round that will increase the speed, My Beeman went from 1000fps to supersonic with them.  If you think you are not going to be happy with it look at the kit that Academy has that has the .177 and .22 barrels. Think it runs $120 or so and pushes 1000fps.


Sweet! Thanks SwampMonster! I bet that is exactly what I need.  It said something on the box about being capable of 960 fps.  I bet those puppies would do the trick. 

I wish we could shoot subsonics here, but no dice.  I actually tried to pick some up at Walmart this weekend to use in my .22 next squirrel season (outside the city), but they were all out.  I then proceeded to clean them out of 9mm, but I digress.

Thanks for the responses guys.  I'll have a better idea of what it is capable of after the scope is sighted in and I get some of those raptors.  Then I'll post my thoughts

I was just at Bass Pro the day before yesterday looking at their air rifles.  They have nice looking stuff, but for what they charge for a 500 fps Beeman you may be able to get the dual-caliber Beeman from Wal-Mart for only a few dollars more.  It's the same one Jack bought, and I picked one up too.  See the thread he started in this (The Airgun Board) section.

I actually looked at Dick's, Bass and Walmart, but at the time I was really trying to do things for less than $100.  The deal at Bass was the best at the time.  I don't know if I like what I heard about the plastic sights on that particular model.

Which Gamo ammo do you guys think is better.  The Gold or the non-lead alloy.   here is a link to the ammo in question.  One is obviously more expensive, but both promise to increase velocity up to 25%  or is there an even better ammo i missed?


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