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Is my Air Rifle powerful enough?

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Has anyone used these? they advertise a 30% in crease in velocity and are super cheap


--- Quote from: Roswell on March 05, 2009, 03:07:26 PM ---As I recall there is a massive difference between 1 pump or 10 on that gun.  Perhaps that is the discrepancy

--- End quote ---

Or perhaps my neighbors went to 11.  ;D

I have a grizzly one pump it has about 300 fps. at .177 cal. I would never hunt with that thing! what I would recommend is getting a 22 gun. you can find a one shot 22 for as little as 180$.  otherwise, I would think about getting a 22 air rifle, as the bigger round hits the squirrel harder, and damages more stuff leading to its death... I would also think about getting a gun that has a rifled barrel although this isn't very important unless your shooting at long range

also, I have a friend who has a real nice .177 that shoots like 1600 or something fps. it can't kill a groundhog at long range....

good luck on your air rifle!


Well, I have two .22 rifles, but I got the air rifle to use outside my suburban home.  You are right though it just isn't powerful enough.  I actually resulted to snaring rather than go buy another air rifle that 'may' work.  The other day I snared a chipmunk.  I decided to use my air rifle to put it out of it's misery. I shot it point blank and while I saw blood and know it punctured the fur, he didn't die right off. The snare would have killed it by itself, but I saw it get snared and decided to help.  So, it looks like until I can afford a more expensive air rifle I am setting snares and building an owl box. I figure if I can get an owl to hang out by my garden then my rodent problem will be solved.

the owl box sounds like a great idea. snares have always fascinated me  :) their so simple, yet effective


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