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Is my Air Rifle powerful enough?

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Ok, I am afraid I screwed up bad.  I bought a new Beeman Air rifle for explicit reason of shooting squirrels.  My mother has a problem with them trying to get into her attic and at my house I want to keep them out of the garden.  So, is my rifle powerful enough to take him out?  I got the air rifle so I could use it in the city limits.  I linked below to the rifle.  It shoots .177 and fires at 500fps.  That is why I am worried.  I need an answer quick while I can still make an exchange.  Thanks everyone!

While it will do the trick on squirrels if hit in the right place you will want to make sure that it is capable of the accuracy required to do so. My brother had one similar to that , I don’t remember what brand, and we found that the break-barrel on his had enough play in it that with the scope mounted on the action the point of impact was inconsistent with the point of aim. If you held the crosshairs in the same spot consistently the point of impact would move randomly due to play in the pivot point of the barrel. He ended up returning his in favor of a .22 but then he doesn’t live in the city limits so he had that option.

yeah, I actually have two .22s that my grandfather gave me, but I wanted this for the city.  It seems accurate enough.  I just started sighting in the scope yesterday, but I ran out of light.  I intend on finishing that this afternoon so I should have a better idea. 

Can you use a .22 with subsonic rounds? i hear they are quiet.


--- Quote from: Archer on March 03, 2009, 03:38:23 PM ---Can you use a .22 with subsonic rounds? i hear they are quiet.

--- End quote ---

Not in any city I know of, not legally anyway.


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