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Are airguns any good for self defense? real or psychological?

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well blademan im not trying to pointlessly argue or insult you and I apoligize if ive done something to make you feel that way.

that being said I never once "conceded" to you... not really sure where that came from because I adamantly dont agree with you....that doesnt mean im right or vice versa...that just means I disagree....I think theres far too many variables to factor in to say that one point of view is "right" and the other is "wrong".

that being said... I still feel you're failing to understand what im saying by effective striking range.

If you shoot at me with your airgun, even with your super 50cal round you've still got a very small effective striking range. Its the size of your projectile. If your target moves a foot, an inch even, you can miss... and with the complicated nature of these guns you're not going to get a 2nd shot before your attacker closes the distance to make that weapon pointless. With a bat, my effective striking range is quite large because Ive got nearly a foot of effective striking material to hit you with... much much more than a pellet/round/BB/whateveritscalled. With training could either weapon be much more effective than the other? I really dont know... I really have no desire to train in advanced baseball bat defense or airgun defense.

Are there instances where one of these rifles/guns would be a more effective tool for home defense? maybe... I dont know, ive never shot one.....but from the resarch ive done it does seem to me that I personally would be more effective at repelling a home invasion with a baseball bat than I would be with a 1 shot, super high powered airgun.

You obviously feel differently ....and really... its ok to disagree lol. ...not to mention we've totally derailed this thread from its original intent.

I'll get us back on an opponent with a weapon is almost never a good idea unless its your very last resort and im having a hard time even envisioning that scenario.


 I hope this clarifies what I mean when I say high power air rifle. Again, not a perfect solutionwhen compared to a real gun and perhaps not the best solution for all scenarios, but I think the videos show that it would work.
   Livinitup. I agree with you it has gotten a little derailed. I also agree that trying to bluff with even a real gun is a bad idea. If you are bluffing, you are already in the "not ready to use deadly force" crowd. If your bluff gets called, you will hesitate because your hands are full of a tool that you are either unable or unwilling to use and will probably get your ass handed to you or worse. I think we agree there. I think though that with the right air rifle, training and contingencies in place, you reduce the effect of missing your target by a great deal. Yes, some of them are a little bit slower to load. Yes there are other problems, but they still fill the role of a gun in that it delivers threat ending force past your immediate reach.
   Ok, I was misled by your use of the word range. I though you meant the distance you could attack from not the impact zone. And your complaint is the ENTIRE point of fire arms, they take a great deal of force and concentrate it over a small area. The bullet and the bat do the same thing in different ways. And being able to hit your targer is why you would train with the weapon you are going to use. Not just hope you will hit what you are swinging or aiming at when it comes time to do so.
   I'm totally ok with disagreeing, I just felt I was having my viewpoint attacked with pointless sarcasm rather than actual fact or evidence based arguments. I'm not really mad and the whole thing about conceeding was me being a bit sarcastic myself.
     Again, I hope the videos above show why I feel that the right air gun would be a good part of a mulitfaceted home defense system. One last example to drive my point home.
   These air rifles are essientially equivalent to a single shot bolt action rifle in function though they are MUCH less powerful though powerful enough to kill a person.
   So if you were trying to repel a home invasion and you had a choice between a club and a single shot bolt action hunting rifle, which would you pick? I'm going to pick the rifle, almost all the time. Why, it allows me to deal with a problem effectively without having to touch it untill it stops moving.  But its cool though, to each his own.

That Benjamin 357 fires a 170gr bullet at 800 fps. So certainly lethal. Not counting the cost of a high pressure tank to fill it, the gun itself is almost $1400.

So sure, for the price of a good shotgun, good pistol and a good rifle, you can have a wonky air gun enthusiasts rifle.

As to the OP, waving around a fake gun of any variety is a great way to end up dead.

Okay, get back to it    :deadhorse:


--- Quote from: blademan on November 06, 2012, 11:58:21 AM ---   In review:
1. The RIGHT high powered large caliber air rifle (not pistol) is a good PART of a home defense SYSTEM in the absence of firearms
2. You should train with your air rifle to defend your home with your air rifle the same as you would with a real gun.
3. Develop a home defense system that is redundant and multifaceted. Implement, maintain, and train with this system.
4. If at all possible get a real gun, air guns are not optimal home defense tools, but will work if the real thing isn't available.
5. The right air rifle is pretty expensive. You have to have hand pump, a scuba tank (at least one) and the hoses and fittings to fill the rifle's reservoir. These are not included in the price of the rifle usually. This makes the use of the air rifle more complicated, so this means training is very vital.

--- End quote ---

I would agree with this.  Personally I would still choose a melee weapon with a high lethality probability to accompany a single shot air gun or firearm.  I've shot enough critters and humans to know that the "Hollywood one shot kill" is pretty rare in real life.

You're right that we haven't heard from the OP since starting this thread, and I have no other points to raise.

Flippy and Joe,
   Thanks for replying to the information I posted.
Joe, two things, you are right, just about any air rifle worth using, is freakin expensive and I would not like to be in the situation of having to use that. I know I wouldn't like it because I am in the situation where if I want a reliable projectile weapon, its going to be an ari rifle of some sort. And how did you do the beating a dead horse emoticon? That sir is fantastic! I want one.
      Thanks for refering to my actual statements even though you disagree. Cold steel makes some great clubs for meelee attacks. The gunstock club is scary looking. There is another one with a ball on the end with a metal striking point. Though they are big and hard to use in close quarters, with the right training or luck, they would absolutely ruin someone's day. I may get one of those myself to go along with my sam yang or rogue when I get one. Heck at that price, I may get one before that.
   I certainly hope the OP comes back to see all the trouble he caused and hopefully all the good advice we put out there.


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