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Are airguns any good for self defense? real or psychological?

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someone's sarcasm detector is broke. :)

yes an airgun could be used for self defense. Should it be?... no...because even outside of firearms there are more practical and reliable home defense solutions...

like a Liger....or a gorilla trained in karate....or in-law's. 

...and for the kind of money it would cost to get one of these super high powered BB guns, I could probably fortify my place to precent 99% of bad guys from even getting in.

    I recognized the sarcasm. My point was that people were dismissing the idea because they are unfamiliar with the rifles I speak of and the turned around and offered less not more effective solutions. If you can get a high powered air rifle in lieu of a real gun, and plan to use it for home defense, then I say that it is a very good choice even though its a bit pricey. You can get just as expensive with some real guns. It also gives you the added ability of hunting that you cannot do with most of the non projectile alternatives that have been suggested. And since many of the high power air rifles have selectable power settings, they can be adjusted up or down for the size of the game you are hunting. This is something thaat you can't do with most real guns other than the shotgun.
   Again I am not saying that air guns are the state of the art in home defense. What I am saying is that expecially in the abscence of real guns, they are a excelent part of a multifacted home defense system, one that should include a dog(s), enhanced physical security measures, distraction and harassment measures, etc.
  I still have not been convinced that the appropriate air gun is a bad choice for addition to a home defense system or that there is any reason to exclude it from selection in favor of some other item especially for a close combat meelee option that is inherently more risky and less effective when compared to a flying chunk of cold lead.
   In the interest of being open minded though I will admit that I see that an archery option in the absence of firearms. But I guess its all a matter of choice.

I think this is where we're really disagreeing....

"are a excelent part of a multifacted home defense system"

lets just agree to disagree....

Certainly, if you have enough qualifiers, then an air rifle is a viable option.

Kind of like asking if a bicycle is a good mode of cross country transport. Sure it is, if there's no planes or cars or motorcycles or scooters or horses or ox drawn carts....

Ok livinitup, we don't agree.

Joe, the qualifiers were not of my invention, they were part of the question. I tried to answer question as it was asked, not throw in extraneous information or non reality based fantasy advice. Again I feel the test of an idea is does it work, would you stake your life on it. I would stake my life on the advice I have given here, but I wouldn't feel the same about some of the other suggestions either comparatively or on their own merits.

 I think that answering the guys obviously naive question with as much practicality and straightforwardness as possible is the right thing to do. I think that anyone who actually goes and either uses what I was reccomending or does enough research to understand the power and utility of some of these rifles, and still thinks they would be better off a sling shot (rarely ever lethal, if you want to argue with me on that, go and find 500 individual events where a sling shot was used to stop a crime and post links in this thread.) Or some other method that requires contact with the intruder, then that person is not treating this subject with the respect it deserves. I'm talking about a tool that when used properly, can be as effective in the situations we are talking about. Not as effective as a shotgun or pistol or rifle. But more effective than a hand thrown rock, or a sharp stick, or or a mini pistol crossbow, or whatever else stuff people pulled off their cuff above. Anyway, again, I hope this guy finds a home defense  system that works for him.


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